Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kai v. 2.0

Kai has moved. The new home for the official Kai Blog is There is still some construction going on, but I hope you all enjoy the new look. As for this site, it will be used but less frequently, I have some ideas on how to keep this Blog still up and running, but basically the new site will be your source for the Kai Updates.

Anyway, get over to the new Blog v. 2.0, click around and let me know what you think.

Taker' Easy
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Monday, April 02, 2007

Kai Want More

If you want to see the rest of this post, and the rest of the other posts, just click on the "Kai want more" like below.I am in the process of editing the Kai Monticello Baby Blog Official Setup. Don't worry here I am not tinkering with any genes or anything, but I am thinking of making some changes to the website (OMG!) !!! (!!!!) Some of the possibilities include buying a domain, which i think is going to definitely happen, or just possibly moving to a more user-friendly site.

What I really want to do is make the blog easier for you all to check, and more ascetically pleasing. If there are any ideas you have, qualms with the setup as of now, or suggestions on how to make this Blog more interactive, please feel free to let me know. Also I have taken a page out of the book of Brian and decided to show the comments on the same page as whence they came. This definitely makes for a better community based blog, which is what I am shooting for. I mean if you take the time to write it, you might as well have it show up for everyone to read ("Am I wrong?!!" See Walter Sobchak).

Anyway, I am just letting you all know this is a work in progress, maybe you will sign on soon and see some big changes. I want you all to be informed so that if something looks strange it is probably just a temporary change, and if it isn't tell me to fix it up!

And yes Brian, Apple does Rock when it comes to putting websites together, it is a definite possibility that I might be joining you over there on the Made on Mac title
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kai Turns 19

This weekend Kai made it to the big one, nine (in weeks of course). I can honestly say that he is changing dramatically now.

As of late he has be able to lift himself up when he is in his Magic Chair, kind of do a mini sit-up, and he is always trying to do it. Even when we place him on our new sweet couch, he still tries to sit up on his own. When we put him down on his back to play, within 5 minutes he will be facing 180 degrees in the other direction from all his squirming.

Also the other night he was playing with his toys, which are Velcroed to his chair, and wanted one so bad he ripped it clean off the pole. Basically what I am trying to say here, is that this kid is strong. I am fearing for my life when he gets mobile.

Kai has gotten a lot more receptive as well. He can hold his attention longer and likes to grab at everything, if only to check how it feels. I can tell he is trying to make sense of everything, me and Aya are just dying for a word to pop out. I am almost positive it is going to be Japanese, but if he says Mama it can be taken as bilingual (and a display of concern, not to offend either parent. I told you he was smart).

One last note, we picked up Kai's Japanese passport this week, so now if he chooses to be a double agent, he has that option. Look closely and you will see it: in one it say's Nationality: Japan, and in the other Nationality: USA. Basically we needed to have both of them, US and Nihon, when traveling cause it makes life a lot easier. We almost missed our flight to Hawaii because of passport problems, thank the lord we made it though.

I love the expression in the Japanese Passport: "It's my puppy dog face Dad!"

And the US

On the Bus Going Home

Playing on the New Couch

"I'm a ball of fun!"
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Saturday, March 24, 2007

What's so Funny?

It was a funny day in the house, and Kai joined in on the Party.  We were just playing around (me and Kai), while Aya was in the shower.  He was really intent on trying to get the blanket I was dangling in front of his face, and loving every minute of it.  

I thought this was absolutely hysterical and kept laughing at how happy the blanket was making him.  Then out of no where, Kai lets out a huge laugh.  I didn't even realize what he was doing at first, and then after a couple times it clicked: he was laughing along with me.  

It was unreal, like Kai and I had shared a funny joke, and we both were laughing at it.  There was a mutual understanding that something was very funny, and it was an amazing connection.  This was the first time he laughed, and I wanted to catch it on video, but when I got back he had lost interest in the blanket.

Still this is a big step for the big guy, and next time he does it I will be sure to catch it on the vid.  Until then, I'll keep my eyes pealed for baby laughs.

"Ahhh...I forgot to buy the milk."
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Friday, March 16, 2007

Baby Update @ 20:07

Kai has been Vaccinated!  Today he received his 3 month shot to protect against the big T (aka Tuberculosis).  I wasn't able to go with Aya and Kai to the doctor's due to work, but she told me that he didn't even bat an Eye when he took the shot.  What can I say, kid's got good Jeans...I mean genes: takes after dad.  
Also we had a weigh-in this past Wednesday, and Kai-chan is on track to be the biggest Monticello yet.  Coming in 7.01kgs (15.45lbs) and measuring 62cm (2ft), we are glad to see that he has leveled off a little bit, but still a healthy sack of potatoes.  The kid is so strong, he has no problem standing up and he is only 4 months old! No crazy camera tricks here folks, that's pure brute strength.
As for Aya and I, we'll be spending the next month catching up with her friends, and saying good-bye to some of my friends, due to the end of the school year here.  This gives me some time off and we are looking forward to our visit to the onsen soon. If all goes to plan, we should be relaxing in the mountains in about a month.
One last note, Kai will be making an Audition as a Baby Model in the near future, we just need to get the pictures out.  I think he's got the gig hands down, no?
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Birthday Pics

As promised, the pictures from Aya's birthday.

The Birthday Girls

What the??!?

Nicely Done

Good Friends
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